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Sometimes when offered the opportunity to utilise new technology in the workplace, it is difficult to know whether it is right for you and your team. You naturally evaluate what is in it for you, how it will impact on your practice and time, and how it may aid you in your goals.
Part of the decision making process is often knowing what other users think.To help you, we have gathered some comments from a few leading lights in the field of Pharmacy Technical Services, to show you what they think of the TPD Portal, and why they have encouraged their teams to use it. 
Image - Dr Alison Beaney 

Dr Alison Beaney 
Editor of 'Quality Assurance of Aseptic Preparation Services'
Regional Quality Assurance Specialist, Newcastle Upon Tyne. 

This portal is an exciting new approach to training and competence that allows staff to tailor and build their own individual profiles for career development.

It’s so easy to use and adaptable I can’t recommend it highly enough. I will be encouraging all technical services staff to make best use of it.

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Lynn Morrison
Chair of TSETand Regional QA Pharmacist Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Simple and intuitive to use, the TPD Portal is an innovative way to simplistically maintain records of current personal competence and plot your career goals. It also helps you as a manager to aid your staff in attaining the necessary skills to progress in their respective professions. These are just some of the reasons I recommend the portal's use in all technical fields.

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Paul Forsey
Associate Chief Pharmacist- Production
Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust

Professional development is a must for all pharmacy professionals, as is good record keeping. The TPD Portal is a contemporary way to create a competence record and personal development plan and securely keep any supporting evidence together. It supports all grades of staff and in addition, from a managers perspective, the portal helps create a learning culture and helps support everyone by focussing on their needs and aspirations. 

Leading Light 

Steve Acres

Former President of Association of Pharmacy Technicians UK (APTUK)

The TDP portal reflects the APTUK ethos of supporting individual practitioners to take a focussed approach to their professional development. The portal has strong support from APTUK in light of the ease of use and the capacity for personalising your development pathway. This fits fully with the APTUK aspiration for a wider professional development portal for pharmacy technicians