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Below you will see video content from the original 2010 version of the Aseptic Programme. Click on a link to watch it.

Disclaimer: Please note, the Aseptic Programme is currently under review. The video content below is from the original 2010 version and due to its age, may contain inaccuracies and no longer reflect current practice. Local SOP's and local training guidance should be followed at all times. Speak to your training supervisor if in any doubt.

NHS TSET shall endeavour to update this content (bringing it in line with APP 2018 text chapters)  in due course.

1 Glover

2 Handwashing

3 gowning

4 non sterile gloves

5 sterile gloves

6 Sanitisation

7 wiping

8 cap and uncap needle

9 capping a syringe

10 open syringe add needle

11 remove bubble from syringe

12 open glass ampoule

13 open plastic ampoule

14 draw up from ampoule

15 reconstitute from vial

16 draw up after mixing

17 add fluid to infusion bag

18 remove fluid from infusion bag

19 change needle add to infusion

20 Cephtaz

21 labelling 1ml syringe

22 labelling 10ml syringe

23 labelling 50ml syringe

Resources taken from APP, © NHS TSET 2009