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Before you use the site you must complete the registration.Membership of the site is restricted to those working in the NHS. It is therefore important that when you register your account you use your NHS e-mail.
Registration page

When you select the Register button you will receive the following form. The purpose of this form is to make sure that you work within the NHS. The information we use to determine this is your e-mail address. Checks are made to make sure that the address is an NHS e-mail. If that is the case the e-mail address is automatically inserted and you select Send Validation Email. You will then receive an e-mail to the NHS e-mail address that you have used, which will have a Validation Code that you can use to Validate your account.
Account validation (revised)
In the event that you did not add an NHS E-mail address when you registered your account, there is another opportunity at the bottom of the page to insert an NHS E-mail address. if you do the validation will operate as described above.
Once you have sent your Validation Email the following response will appear in your e-mail and this information will allow you to register your account.
Account Validation message