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Aseptic Processing Programme (APP 2018)

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The waiting is over..............
The all new NHS TSET Aseptic Processing Programme (APP) manual will be ready on 1st October 2018 
The new chapters have been updated and hugely expanded to bring you new, and engaging content, additional information, plus many new images. In addition, the programme will feature all new chapters such as Qualification and Validation, Pharmaceutical Quality Systems and Clean Room name but a few.
We think those who have previously used the APP will notice and appreciate the additional content. Some now contain real life case studies to illustrate the criticality of aseptic work
The new programme will include-
  • Introduction (Including GMP) - Please read 1st
  • Legislation and Standards
  • Basic Microbiology
  • Clean Room Clothing
  • Clean Room Design
  • Aseptic Technique
  • Clean Air Devices-coming soon
  • Personal Health and Hygiene
  • Clean Room Behaviours
  • Transfer Procedures-coming soon
  • Qualification and Validation
  • Pharmaceutical Quality Systems
  • Preparation of Cytotoxics
  • Preparation of Parenteral Nutrition
  • Preparation of CIVA-coming soon
  • Preparation of Radiopharmaceuticals
  • Assembly, Reconciliation, Checks and Product Approval
  • Waste Management
  • Environmental Monitoring-coming soon
  • Sanitisation- Premises and Equipment
In addition....we have all new chapters in development which will be released in a second launch, so watch this space!
To access the APP chapters,  please login or register on the TSET website home page . People who have previously registered for the TPDPortal can use their existing username and password to also access the APP chapters from the 1st of October 2018. People wishing to register for the first time can do so on the TSET home page by clicking the 'register' link in the home page login area.
Access to TPDPortal and APP is restricted to the use of NHS personnel and UK academic establishments only. Registrants must use their professional email address to register. New registrants will be sent a unique validation code with instructions on how to validate their account. When registration is complete and you have entered your username and password, registrants will be taken to a landing page with two icons (shown below) giving access to both TPDPortal and the new APP zone. If you do not use a valid NHS or UK academic establishment email address to will not receive a validation code to complete your registration. 
                                                                                                                  TPD APP Landing 
When you arrive on the APP page you will see additional information and the list of chapters. Clicking 'Read More' on each chapter reveals the PDF document and allows you to download it.
Video content from the 2010 version of APP has been retained (accessible from this page without the need to register) 

Disclaimer: Please note the video content on the TSET website is from the original 2010 version of the Aseptic Programme. While the programme remains under review, the video content will not be alligned with the new APP 2018 content.. Due to it's age, it may also contain inaccuracies and no longer reflect current practice. Local SOP's and local training guidance should be followed at all times. Speak to your training supervisor if in any doubt.

NHS TSET shall endeavour to update this content (bringing it in line with APP 2018 text chapters)  in due course.

Future Plans

In addition to bringing you some more new chapters in the coming months, we are also planning to create an e-learning version of the Aseptic Processing Programme in the next year. Watch this space for information on this exciting development.


Thank you for your patience and your understanding while we updated the APP chapters. When you see them....we hope that you agree it was worth the wait!


kind regards


Rachel and all the TSET Team